IsisCB Blog Posts

2013 Aug 31 The Subject of Touch in the History of Science Looking at changes in the way that historians of science have studied the senses.
2013 Sep 8 Digital Humanities in History and Philosophy of Science An overview of the digital humanities as they effect our discipline.
2013 Sep 22 Print or Digital? On the results of a survey about how people use the print and digital versions of the Isis Bibliography differently.
2013 Sep 29 Isis Articles as a Big Data Source On how a textual analysis of Isis articles over the century could reveal patterns in our history.
2013 Oct 1 The Shutdown of Public Knowledge A comment about the effect of a federal government shutdown on the public access to knowledge.
2013 Oct 7 The Economics of Open Access A further comment on the economics of knowledge.
2013 Nov 12 Visualizing History of Science A study of how the content of the history of science has changed over time by looking at the classification categories in the IsisCB.
2013 Nov 18 Documenting History of Science on the Web Another discussion of the way that digital resources have recently been developed in our discipline.
2014 Apr 23 Digitizing the Cumulative Bibliography Discussion of how the OU Libraries’ DigiLab is digitizing the 5000 pages of the Isis Cumulative Bibliography.
2014 May 8 Taking the CB Away from Humans and Giving It to Computers [by Sylwester Ratowt] On how highly structured texts must be in order to be machine readable, using the IsisCB citation data as an example.
2014 Sep 15 Three Almost Invisible Women A study of a word cloud of the most often cited subjects and people in the IsisCB index, and the surprizing lack of women in the person list.
2014 Oct 19 Mapping the International Congresses Exploring a map visualization of the locations of all of the International Congress of History of Science since 1929.
2015 Mar 1 The February Development BootCamp A description of the ways in which the IsisCB and University of Melbourne development teams worked and the challenges they faced as they worked on the IsisCB discovery service.
2015 Jul 21 Taking the IsisCB into a Dynamic Interdependent World A discussion of the refactoring of the IsisCB data from a citation-centered bibliographic database into the new relational citaiton-authority data model.
2015 Jul 27 The IsisCB as a Network Graph of the Discipline Further discussion of the authority-citation data model and its ability to reveal new types of questions about the discipline.
2015 Sep 30 A New Paradigm On the ways in which the data model has driven development of the new discovery service and driven the Isis Cumulative Bibliography digitization efforts.
2016 Feb 3 Looking at the Main Features of IsisCB Explore A discussion of the features of the IsisCB Explore system.
2016 Mar 6 On the Scholarly Merit of Creating Your Own Research Tool: An Interview with Jennifer Rampling On the reason why historians should build their own databases and other research tools to advance their work and that of other historians following in their wake.
2016 Mar 12 IsisCB Explore – Version 0.13 – Updates and Improvements More discussion of the features of the IsisCB Explore system.
2016 Oct 26 Dissertations in the IsisCB … and What They Say about Our History An analysis of how the dissertation data can help us study the historical development of the discipline of history of science.
2016 Nov 22 Two New Paradigms for the IsisCB An illustration of how IsisCB Explore can now publish in Unicode and how linked open data works between the IsisCB and VIAF.