Websites and Blogs

This blog is part of the IsisCB website. I provide periodic updates on status the Isis Bibliography and its projects.

IsisCB Explore

This is the website that I designed to make publicly accessible the IsisCB and its bibliographical data as an open access resource for scholars and researchers.

This website is a companion to my 2020 book The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism. It discusses the book and contains a searchable a database of the main people and organizations around which American humanism has developed.

Commission on Bibliography and Documentation

This website deals with the activities of the Commission, which is part of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology/Division of History of Science and Technology (IUHPST/DHST).

World History of Science Online

Established in 2003, the World History of Science Online is a resource for scholars worldwide meant to give scholars basic information about current activities in the field of history of science and technology. It is a project of the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation.

Inhabiting the Anthropocene

I post irregularly on this blog, most often commenting on issues related to religion and science. The blog is managed by the philosopher Zev Trachtenberg, who brings scholars from many disciplines together to discuss what it means to live on this planet in an age when human beings are transforming it.

This website is a non-academic site devoted to the artwork of my grandfather, Philip Prugh (1889-1970).